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Our Team

Todd - As founder of AfterFive by Design, Todd leads the company by setting the direction for day-to-day process and long-term growth. He attributes the past 17 years of successful website development to having a clearly defined focus on helping clients achieve their online goals. Todd works to ensure our design and development process incorporates the highest levels of personal attention, respect and partnership. Todd enjoys driving his 1974 MGB, a great glass of wine, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Pierre - is a graphic designer and web developer. He has completed a four-year postsecondary program which included C+ and Visual programming. Also, he has experience in ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS and Photoshop. Pierre's first step in web design and development was around seven years ago, when together with his two other friends he created a real estate website and software for a company. His main hobbies are soccer, watching Formula 1, music and of course technology-related things. He also enjoys watching action movies but really hates the science fiction ones.

Paul - works as a web developer and graphic designer who specializes in HTML/CSS, PHP, and Flash. From the age of 12, he started building his own simple GeoCities websites and he specialized in IT subjects during his secondary and postsecondary education. Internet, media and IT-related things are his favorite topics and hobbies. In fact, Paul also worked as a radio DJ in a local community radio station, presenting a 2-hour program every Sunday morning for more than 10 years. In his free time Paul listens to music and watches DVDs.

Christian - the software developer guy (you know, PHP, Javascript, obscure things like that), thinks in code, speaks in code. 'Nuf said. Outside of computers, an aspiring politician. Oh and you wouldn't want to touch his food. Ever.

Neil - works as a web developer and programmer who specializes in HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript. From an early age he showed a passion for technology and so during his later years he decided to continue his studies in this sector. At the moment he is attending his final year of studies for a Degree in Computer Science. His interests besides technology include: photography, comic books, movies and science.

Lucas - works as a front end developer, mostly focusing on HTML/CSS, Javascript and jQuery. He first became fascinated with IT during high school and continued to expand his knowledge in computers by taking a couple of postsecondary courses in programming and by sinking his head in books of various shapes and sizes. During his studies, he had also created a website to aid his classmates in sharing advice, hints, and tips for their personal projects. When Lucas isn't dabbling with code, he's either walking his dog or playing the acoustic guitar.


I greatly appreciate your brilliant help, as always! You are always in tune with my vision, thus
creating and making it come to life! Each time I have the pleasure to work with you it is exciting
and such a pleasure!

Your customer service level is in that "cream of the crop" category! Speedy response time, total caring and understanding,
utmost patience and refreshing humbling gratitude for your clients!
Thank you again for the brilliant "new digs" for Bermuda Travel and Grand Cayman Travels ~ Grand Cayman Bride!

You continue to be my hero. Without you, the program would not be as effective as it is today. Your professionalism continues to shine through and KIDS feels that we are important to you and your team.

Larry Levine
Kids Can Make A Difference